Thursday, October 22, 2009

Heavy Metal Heart

Two people meet. Bonded by a common passion. Defies the odds and went boldly for it. For better or for worse.

In true rock and roll fashion the band Anvil went for their dream of rocking a million faces, but unfortunately for them, destiny looked the opposite way.

The band went touring with Metallica, Anthrax, Bon Jovi and the likes in the '80s. Considered as one of the pioneers of glam metal, the band unfortunately went south after that. With 15 minutes of fame expired, the band dragged on to its last two original members and childhood friends, Lips and Robb now in their 50s.

The documentary "Anvil," narrates a surprising story full of heart and tender moments despite the protagonists' love of the devil's music. It tells about going broke for a dream, false promises, great expectations, broken hearts, and ultimately, redemption.

During the course of the story, you will be charmed by the eternal optimism of the band's lead singer, Lips and the steady presence of his best friend-drummer, Robb. It shows the other story of the entertainment industry. For every Metallica, there will be a thousand Anvils.

As their story progresses, you become wrapped up in their quest for redemption because you know inside there is a little Anvil inside each of us. We all hope for a dream come true. Because in this story, even devil worshippers need a little redemption.